About April Fresh Janitorial Service

My business is small in comparison to other large franchise type cleaning companies. Fortunately, being small has many advantages. One of these advantages is direct communication. Being able to reach your janitorial service provider quickly is the key to a happy working relationship, so I ensure that any matters needing special attention are addressed expeditiously.

You will find that I am prompt and efficient with your concerns. I take pride in my work and never rush an assignment, instead taking all the time necessary to do a professional, quality, full-service job.

•   Friendly, reliable service

•   All work is 100% guaranteed

•   Highest quality service and materials

•   Superior quality workmanship

•   Honest, dependable labor

•   Licensed and bonded

•   Safe cleaning procedures

•   24-hour communication

•   Extra services may be negotiated

•   Reasonable, competitive fees