Our Services

April Fresh Janitorial Service provides general office cleaning services, including dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting & sanitizing, and trash disposal.

As a client, you will receive consistent, high quality work day-after-day, week-after-week, all year long. Your building, confidential data and personal items will be safe and secure.

When you ask for a free quote, we first consider the kind of business you own or manage, the square footage of your facility, and how often you'd like our cleaning service on-site per week. If we reach a preliminary understanding, we'll arrange for a face-to-face meeting to walk the property. During the walk-through, we use an itemized checklist to determine exactly which services are needed.

To get started with your free quote, simply call or send us an email message.

Your Customized Janitorial Service May Include:

•   Vacuum all carpeted and tile areas, including underneath all tables, desks and chairs.

•   Dust all cleared counter tops, conference room tables, desk tops, chairs and high/low areas; polish all office furniture.

•   In all restrooms: scrub, disinfect and sanitize toilets, sinks, stalls, chrome and doors; clean mirrors and countertops; vacuum and mop floors with disinfectant; stock with client supplied paper products.

•   In kitchen/breakroom: scrub, disinfect and sanitize sinks and countertops; clean inside and outer surfaces of microwaves and refrigerators; vacuum and mop floor with disinfectant.

•   Eliminate cobwebs and wipe down baseboards.

•   Dust mini-blinds.

•   Clean and sanitize all telephones.

•   Empty all trash cans and replace trash liners; dispose of all trash in client provided dumpster.

•   Secure building as necessary per client protocol.